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5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Serviced

Garage Doors are a critical part of protecting our cars, workspace, equipment, and outdoor belongings. Ensuring your garage door is in working order is key for making sure these things stay safe and out of the elements. So how do you know it's time for you to call Gandert Door for a garage door service ? Here's a few common signs something is going on.  It Won’t Open or Close – This is the most obvious sign of needed repair however the cause isn’t always so clear. Bad wiring, misfiring sensors, age, or simply an obstruction could be to blame. Slow Response Time – If your garage door is taking longer than it used to for opening or closing, there could be an issue with the response sensor responsible for receiving the signal from your door opener. Noisy Door – Are you noticing a lot of squeaky sounds as the door opens or closes? It could be from door joints, worn rollers, loose hardware, or old track. Regardless of the sound’s cause, we can take care of it for you.

A Garage with a Rustic Look

The rustic trend is everywhere. I think we have all been to a rustic wedding recently. And timber frame homes are making a return, because of the beauty they give. If you want a rustic look to your new or existing home, here are some options on garage doors we think you will appreciate. These doors are made specifically to look like a beautiful rustic garage while keeping your possessions safe inside. Accents Woodtones Manufacturer: C.H.I. Overhead Doors If you need a durable steel door but yearn for the beauty that can only be given with wood, the Accent Woodtones collection is a great option for you. They are all built with non-repeating grains, so no one will ever know they are looking at a steel door. Carriage House Collection Manufacturer: Overhead Door Company Looking at the Carriage House Collection from Overhead Door Company will have you wondering how it could be made so beautifull