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Commercial Fire Doors

Only in the event of an actual fire or emergency situation do most people fully appreciate fire-rated doors . Business owners, on the other hand, have a better understanding of the importance of fire doors. In the event of an actual fire, these doors can serve an important role in keeping flames and smoke from spreading to different parts of the building. They can also serve as a means of easy escape in case of an emergency. Fire-rated doors specially made to withstand the extreme heat of fires. These hollow metal doors and frames must have a closing device and latch. Fire doors are often equipped with panic hardware and fail-safe or fail-secure emergency exit locks.  Fire doors are required on many commercial buildings in order to protect occupants, block the spread of flames and smoke, and minimize the overall property damage. Because they close automatically when a fire is detected in the building, these doors are a key component of a building’s passive fire protection system. Inter