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Insulated or Non-Insulated?

R-Value: “the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.”

This is what you will see when looking at different types of garage doors, so understanding what R-value is will be beneficial. Doors that have a higher R-value have more or better insulation. Knowing what your garage is going to be used for, who is going to be around it, and some other considerations will help you decide whether insulated or non-insulated is best for you!

There are times when less is going to be better for you. Here are some examples:
  • You are constantly opening and closing your garage door - the extra money you spent on premium insulation is going out the door.
  • You rarely use the garage for anything other than storage or parking your car - part of the reasoning for insulating is for climate control for people or animals.
  • Your garage isn’t insulated - why insulate a garage door if the garage isn’t insulated?
  • The garage is on a rental unit.
But there are also some great reasons for having that extra bit of insulation for your door.
  • The insulation will fill the voids on the inside of the door. Garages tend to attract dirt and spider webs even if it’s always closed. If you like to keep your space neat, this may be a reason to insulate.
  • An insulated door will be quieter when a garage door opener is used. An un-insulated garage door will make a lot more noise. For example, if you purchased a garage door opener with a belt drive because you have a bedroom next to the garage, insulated would be the way to go.
  • Extra strength. If you have a polyurethane insulated garage door it will be very strong. If you have kids throwing basketballs at the door, this is definitely what you want.
  • May help keep the living spaces next to a garage warmer or cooler, especially if there is little or no insulation in between the spaces.
If you are looking for a garage door in the Mansfield, Bucyrus, or Ashland, Ohio, area, check out Gandert Door Company, who proudly offers CHI garage doors. CHI doors are known for their innovation and beauty. But CHI has partnered with Dow Chemicals to produce a polyurethane insulation specific to CHI doors to ensure the most effective thermal performance when you want the best in insulated doors. They also make non-insulated doors that have the same beautiful look of their insulated counterparts.

Gandert is based in Mansfield, Ohio, and offers home and commercial garage door installation to the surrounding counties including Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Knox, and Morrow. If your garage door is over 20 years old, it is time for a new one. C
all us at (419) 529-2002 and find out more!


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