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Ways to Increase Your Homes Security with an Automatic Garage Door


    Whether you are home for the night, or going on a vacation, making sure that your home is safe and secure is especially important, and even more so if you have family or loved ones staying with you. Most may not think about it this way, but your garage door plays an important role in preventing unwanted access into your home. That is why you need a reliable and functional garage door opener when it comes down to the garage door you have on your home. Gandert Door Co. in Mansfield, Ohio, offers two different lines of LiftMaster electric garage door openers, both residential and commercial, to the Mansfield and Lexington areas.

    Studies have found that garages are the first place that burglars check when they are trying to gain entry to a home, and while this may be a scary thought, the best way to prevent anything like this from happening is to be well prepared. Here are some tips for keeping your home safe when it comes to your garage and its automatic opener.

        · First, disable the emergency release lever and lock it, this ensures that someone cannot use the “coat hanger” method when breaking into your home. The downside is that you also will not be able to use this to get into your home.

        · Secondly, cover the windows you may have in your garage. This will make it harder for any burglar when trying to see what they are doing in the process of a break in. It also hides your valuables, and this may deter the burglar.

        · The next two are simple and can give you peace of mind, and they are installing a wireless keypad and installing motion light sensors. It is harder for burglars to guess a series of numbers when trying to break in on a keypad and they may even be scared off if they notice the motion lights.

        · And last but not least, if you are going out of town or there is no one who will be staying at your residence, you can always turn off the power by unplugging the garage door opener or flipping the switch if it is set up like this.

     These tips are just a few things that you can do to make sure your home stays as secure as possible. If you notice that your garage door, or the opener itself may have been tampered with or if it is broken and needs repaired call Gandert Door Co. at (419) 529-2002. We have service andrepair options and are available 24 hours 7 days a week for any of your emergency needs. 


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